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With state of the art rail car dismantling facilities in Southern
California and  Texas, Jimco Inc. has the ability to  dismantle well
over 3,000 cars per  year at each facility.  Jimco's rail car 
dismantling team has decades of  experience which
directly results in  efficient operations and dependable service.
Jimco Inc.’s strategic locations allow us to access strong
domestic and export mill and foundry markets, which provide
Jimco Inc. with the ability to offer our customers the most
competitive pricing structures in the market.

Jimco Inc. currently dismantles rail cars for the Union Tank Car Company, General American Transportation Corporation, Union Pacific, Greenbrier Leasing Corporation, General Electric Rail, and American Railcar Industries, just to name a few. At Jimco Inc. we take extreme care in removing, handling, and storing all wheel sets and parts. We take pride in sending these wheels and parts to reconditioning shops in the condition in which they arrived at our facility.  To best serve our customers desires, Jimco Inc. offers its customers wheel and part programs, in which we return wheels and parts to our customers for a minimal handling fee. Jimco Inc. has very strong relationships with wheel re-conditioners: Greenbrier Rail Services in Tacoma, WA; Pine Bluff, AR; Colton, CA; Corsicana, TX; Macon, GA and Illinois just to name a few;  Comet Industries in Kansas City,  MO.  Jimco Inc. implements a safety procedure on all tank cars prior to dismantlement. Aside from checking for spring compression under the bolsters, running the cars against our authorization to dismantle list, and making sure the stencil of the last contents has been removed by the cleaning facility, Jimco Inc. uses a gas monitor to test for combustible gases/LEL levels and common hazardous gases. This method of double checking allows our customers to feel comfortable that no un-cleaned tankers slip through the cracks.
Industrial Scrap Dealer-Demolition C21
Locomotive and Rail Car Dismantler